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AMADA: Amun Ra Temple The 18th dynasty temple at Amada was dedicated to Amun-Ra and Ra-Harakhty. It has many well-preserved reliefs and inscriptions, one that notes the Libyan invasion of Egypt in the 12th c BC, and the other of a 15th c BC Egyptian military campaign into Palestine.  This temple was built by Thutmose III and Amenhotep II (18th dynasty), added on to by Thutmose IV, and completed by Seti I and Ramesses II.

DERR TEMPLE: The temple of Derr (now at Amada) is similar to Abu Simbel in that: a) it was cut into the rock, b) it was built by Ramesses II, c) it has colossal statues at its entrance, and d) it has 4 statues inside of Ptah, Amun Ra, Ra Horakhty, and Ramesses II.  It was originally located at Derr, which was 180 km south of Aswan, but was relocated at Amada in 1964.