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  These trips take 3 hours including transport to/from your hotel, You will fly above ancient mortuary
  temples and tombs on the West Bank. The balloons start 'flying' when the sky turns from purple to
  magenta, and sunrise ifsfabulous from this height.  The trip ends between 7 or 8 am, depending on
  the time of year and the hour of sunrise.


  An additional 2 to 4 nights (or more) can be added at the beginning or ending of your trip to take a visit to the fabulous White Desert about 450 km west of      
  Cairo.  These 4x4 off-road trips thru sand dunes surrounded by cliffs and chalk inselbers, are exciting, beautiful, and soul fulfilling.  The the two day safari
  has one night of Bedouin camping under the stars, while the additional nights can add hotel or extra days camping in different areas of the desert.  Please  
  see our Desert Safari section for more ideas. 


  An additional 2 to 4 nights will take you on 4 hour trip east of Aswan to Marsa Alam on the Red Sea coast.  There are many fine spa resort hotels in this
  pristine, under overpopulated area.  Also available are wide ranges of spa treatments, ATV vehicles for rent to take into the desert, and safaris to the Wadi
  Gemal National Park, with beautiful scenery, myriad ranges of birds and mammals, and Cleopatra's emerald mines.



Cairo, Giza, Luxor, Nile Cruise, Aswan

DAY 1     A greeter will meet you at the Cairo airport and take you to your Giza hotel.  BB

DAY 2     After breakfast we go to the Saqqara necropolis and visiting the complex of Djoserand his step pyramid, the pyramid of Teti, and go inside some vivid Old Kingdom nobles' tombs.  Next, we ride 45 minutes on horse or camel thru the desert, enjoying a magnificent view of the Giza pyramids.  Our coach collects us at Abu Ghurob and we return to our hotel  HB

                                                                                               DAY 3     Today we travel to Dashur where king Khufu's father, Snefru, built the first true pyramid

                                                                                               in Egypt after experiencing with his earlier and his Bent pyramid, also located at Dashur.

                                                                                               Afterwards we head north to the Giza plateau, going inside Khufu's (the Great) pyramid, the

                                                                                               Great Sphinx, and either Menkaure's or Khafra's pyramid. A visit to the boat museum is optional.

                                                                                               Overnight at our Giza hotel.  FB.

                                                                                               DAY 4     In the morning, we fly to Luxor and check into our hotel.  Late afternoon we shop in the

                                                                                               exotic  Luxor outdoor bazaar before visiting the Luxor temple complex at sunset.  Return to our

                                                                                               hotel.  HB.

DAY 5     Leave the hotel at 8am and drive to the well-preserved temple of Hathor at Dendera, where the ancient Egyptian zodiac was found  Then we return via Luxor's West Bank and visit several tombs in the Valley of the Kings as well as the temple of the great female pharaoh, Hatshepsut (photo at top of page). We make a final photo opportunity stop at the Colossi of Memnon, before returning to our hotel.  FB.

DAY 6     After breakfast, we leave our hotel and check into our Nile Cruise boat. 

After lunch we tour the largest ancient religious complex in the world– Karnak,

where we walk thru the huge 'forest' of columns, as well as the Amun, Ptah, and

Khonsu temples.  Afterwards we go to the Mut precinct (Amun's consort), where

there is a sacred lake, three temples, and a large array of Sekhmet statues. 

Dinner on board our cruise boat, which sets sail for Edfu later this evening.  FB

DAY 7     In the morning we wake up at Edfu where we visit the best preserved

temple in Egypt dedicated to Horus.  We continue sailing south, enjoying the scenery

or swimming in the pool on the sun deck. At sunset, we visit the Haoeris and Sobek

temple at Kom Ombu, right on the edge of the Nile.  Sobek is the crocodile god, so

many mummified crocodiles were found at this site and are well preserved in the

museum next to the temple.  We continue sailing south to Aswan.  FB

                                                                                             DAY 8     Today we take a coach, then transfer to a smaller boat, and go to the island of Philae

                                                                                             where the Isis temple, is located.  Afterwards, we take our boat further south to the very fun,   

                                                                                             Nubian Village, which is filled with Nubian domed structures.  We return by boat to our coach and

                                                                                             then proceed to the Nubian museum, which is filled with ancient Egyptian/Nubian artifacts.  Later,

                                                                                             we enjoy live music and a Galabiya party on our cruise boat.  FB

                                                                                             DAY 9     In the morning after checking out of our hotel, we leave for the Aswan airport, making a

                                                                                             stop on lake Nasser to take small boats out to the island where the Kelebsha temples are located.

                                                                                             On the island are four ancient Egyptian temples with Nubian artistic influence; one of the temples is rock-cut into the mountain, the another a beautiful kiosk with Lake Nasser in the background.  Afterwards, we fly to Cairo and check into our hotel.  HB

DAY 10    On our final touring day in Egypt, we first visit the world-renown Egyptian Museum on Tahrir Square.  Afterwards we make a stop at the most famous bazaar in the Middle East, the Khan el-Khalili, where we walk thru the narrow curving streets and enjoy the old Islamic monuments.  We return to the hotel for our last dinner together.  HB

DAY 11     Airport transfers will take you to the airport for your international flight home.  Bon Voyage!

The Bedouin Castle offers ancient Egyptian archaeology tours to every area in Egypt.  Below are some of our standard tours; all can be customized with the options below our Classic Egypt tour. Customization included: adding or detracting sites, lowering or extending days, and visits to areas not listed in the program below.  Prices vary with all of these tours depending on number of guests in your group, number of days, and what type of guide you wish:  Egyptian national with a Bachelors degree in Egyptian history, or the owner of the Bedouin Castle who has post graduate degrees in ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman archaeology, and who has either excavated or surveyed most of the classic sites in Egypt, from Tanis in the northeastern Delta, to Aswan in the south.

      Additional stops can be made, at no extra charge, to purchase personalized cartouches, perfumes made from Egyptian flowers, ancient Egyptian papyrus replicas, or alabaster bowls, lamps and statues, carved in the fashion of ancient Egypt.  Please note that "BB" = bed and breakfast; "HB" = breakfast and dinner; "FB" = breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

Nile Valley Antiquities Tours


  1.  Cruises between Cairo and Luxor are also available. All cruises can be done in reverse order.
  2.  We can arrange Lake Nasser cruises between Aswan and Abu Simbel (3 – 4 nights). 
  3.  Please refer to our Nile & Nasser Cruise page for more itinerary details and accommodations.
  4.  Private hours can be reserved in most pyramids and temples.  Please contact us directly.