Hotel Services

ROOMS:  The Bedouin Castle has 25 guest rooms, with magnificent views of the Oasis' lush palm groves, Pyramid and English Mountains.  All rooms but 2 have private balconies.  All rooms have private baths, phones, overhead fans, Islamic/Bedouin light fixtures, and air conditioning.  All rooms(18) in the main Castle are non-smoking; All rooms (7) in the Mews are smoking. 

ROOM SERVICE: Room service is available for drinks and food.  Please call the main reception/concierge on the ground floor.  If you are ill we can arrange for a doctor, but it is possible that we have the correct, over-the-counter medicine available at the hotel. 

TOURS AND ENTERTAINMENT:  Our manager /concierge can help you plan for the various tours that we offer:

    Local tours:  These tours last about 3 hours and include, a driver through Bahariya's lush palm groves, off-road to the Salty Lake, continuing off -road to Pyramid Mountain near which the largest dinosaur skeleton in Africa (and perhaps the world) was discovered.  You will also walk thru one of Bahariya's old abandoned old Bedouin towns, and end the visit with a climb on top of English Mountain, the tallest ridge in the Oasis. A stop and swim in a local hot spring can be arranged as well.

    Bahariya Antiquities tours:  Bahariya has been lived in long before the ancient Egyptians, but most human relics found here date to the Graeco-Roman era of ancient Egyptian history.  This tour takes you to the Museum of the Valley of the Golden Mummies where 12 mummies are on display.  You will also visit the tombs of Bennentiu and Zed ef-Ankh Amun: two rich land owevers from the 26th ancient Egyptian Dynasty.  Then on to the only temple in Egypt dedicated to Alexander the Great, and we finish up with a visit to the Ain Mufella temple and chapels, where unusual combinations of ancient Egyptian land and sky gods are arranged.  Also present is one of the few carvings of the childbirth god, Bes.

     Sheikh healings and sand baths:  The Bedouin Castle also offers services from local sheikhs who give the traditional Bedouin-style sand baths, and spiritual healings, often mixing together special traditional recipies, and protection amulets for those difficult cases.  Before returning to the Bedouin Castle (and if the time of day is appropriate) you will be able to soak in one of Bahariya's hot springs that are so wonderful for people with sore muscles and arthritis.

     White and Western Desert Safaris:  We can also arrange for you, desert safaris to any part of the Western Desert.  Please check our website pages:  White Desert Safaris, Western Desert Safaris, and Deep Desert Safaris.  These tours can range anywhere from a half a day to 3 weeks (or more).


ROOM RATES: Bedouin Castle offer Bed & Breakfast, Half Board, or Full Board rates.  Special prices are available for Egyptian nationals and foreigners holding valid Resident Visas.  Pricesrices for non-Egyptians begin at Bed and Breakfast rates of: LE 140 Single; LE 250 Double; and LE 360 Triple.  Discounts for children are available.  Children 0 – 5.99 years are free; Children from 6 to 11.99 years are half price.

RESTAURANTS: The Bedouin Castle has 2 restaurants; the Falcon's Perch on the top floor has fantastic panoramic views.  The Palm Garden Terrace on the ground floor has seating on our mosaic-tiled main terrace, or in our large, Bedouin Tent.  The menu is Egyptian and choices range from light lunches or dinners, to heavier choices of meat, chicken, or fish.

REFRESHMENTS:  Are available on the top and ground floors.  Coffee, tea, sodas, water, beer, and shishaw (water pipes with Egyptian tobacco, or the tourist-friendly fruit tobacco) can be purchased for reasonable prices. .

TRANSPORTATION TO/FROM CAIRO:  If you don't wish to get to the Bahariya Oasis via public transportation, please call us as we can easily arrange private transportation for you in well kept, up-to-date cars or microbuses with safe and experienced drivers.  Traveling to Bahariya via private transport is convenient as we pick you up at your hotel or doorstep (or even from the Cairo airport) and bring you directly to the Bedouin Castle, in Bahariya.  No additional taxis are needed.