OFF ROAD OASIS LOOP: if one or two sites are taken out the tour can be reduced to 4 night

Bahariya, White Desert, Darb Farafra, Dakhla, Ain Amour, Umm Dubadib, Kharga Oasis, Lebekha, Luxor

DAY 1     Cairo to the Bahariya Oasis. Local Oasis tour of the Palm groves, Pyramid Mountain, and  

                English Mountain. Live Bedouin music, dancing, and overnight at the Bedouin Castle. FB

DAY 2     White Desert Safari: Black Desert, Crystal Mountain (all off-road to Dakhla Oasis), Aqabat,

               (great sand boarding), Flower Desert, Tent Valley, White Desert.  Bedouin camping. FB

DAY 3     Darb Farafra/Dakhla, Hobbit trail, Moonscape Alley, Sobek Sphinx, Sorcerer's Pyramid, Darb

               Sentinels, Glacier Valley.  Great sand boarding. Overnight: Hotel in the Dakhla Oasis. FB

                                                                                                     DAY 4     Qasr Dakhla (1000 yr old Bedouin town), Darb Amour, Ain Amour. Bedouin camping and

                                                                                                                    Sand boarding.  FB

                                                                                                     DAY 5     Darb Dubadib, Umm Dubadib (fortress, church town, aquaducts, rock-cut tombs).  Sand

                                                                                                                    boarding and Bedouin camping. FB

                                                                                                     DAY 6     Kharga Oasis, Bagawat (4th c AD early Christian necropolis).  Continue to Lebekha: Roman

                                                                                                                    fortresses and tombs. Bedouin camping with a swimming pool, bathrooms and showers.  FB

                                                                                                     DAY 7     Hibis (Amun Persian/Egyptian temple), Qasr Ghuieta (Egyptian temple within a fortress),

                                                                                                                    Baghdad, Palestine, Kuwait, Paris (all villages in Egypt), Luxor.   

OPTION A:  Walk or take camels from Umm Dubadib to Lebekha, across the gorgeous, majestic mountain range that separates these two sites. You will be accompanied and shown the way while your drivers take the jeeps and camping equipment to Lebekha to meet you.

OPTION B:  Continue with us for a guided tour of Luxor and maybe even a Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan.


Bahariya, White Desert, Darb, Dakhla, Kharga, Lebekha, Kysis, Napta Playa, Abu Simbel

NOTE: Egypt's "Stonehenge" is located at Napta Playa just ot the west of Abu SImbel.  It dates to ca. 6500 BC and belongs to a culture who migrated to this area about 200 + years earlier.  It is a circle of stones that is located on the Tropic of Cancer – the northernmost point of the sun at summer solstice.

DAY 1     Cairo to Bahariya. Oasis local tour.  Live music and dancing in the Bedouin tent

               at the Bedouin Castle.  Overnight: Bedouin Castle.  FB

DAY 2     White Desert safari: Black Desert, Crystal Mt., Aqabat, Flower Desert, White Desert. 

               Bedouin camping, White Desert.

DAY 3     Darb Dakhla (see Darb sites in tour above).  Dakhla Oasis hotel.

DAY 4     Qasr Dakhla (old Bedouin town), Hibis temple (Persian/Egyptian), Lebekha (Roman tombs 

               and fortressses).  Overnight Bedouin Camping with a swimming pool, and bathrooms.

DAY 4     Bagawat, Qasr Ghuieta (see both above), and south to Kysis/Dush (Egyptian/Roman

               town and temples. Some prehistoric rock art).  Bedouin camping.

DAY 5     Off-road (deep desert) to Nabta Playa.  Bedouin Camping.

DAY 6     Abu Simbel temple.  From here you have several choices: 1) return with the jeeps to Aswan,

2) continue to tour with us in Aswan and perhaps Luxor, or 3)  take a Lake Nasser 3 to 4 night cruise

and see some very unusual Egyptian / Nubian temples and rock cut tombs.  This cruise starts at Abu Simbel and ends in Aswan


The Stonehenge & Off-Road Loop with the Giza Pyramids, Aswan, A Nile cruise, and Luxor

DAY 1     Giza Plateau, Drive to Bahariya.  Overnight: Bedouin Castle

DAYS 2 – 6   Same as "Stonehenge and the Off Road Loop"

DAY 6     Visit Abu Simbel and drive to Aswan (4 hours) and overnight at the Isis Pyramisa

               (hotel on its own island) or a hotel of your choice.

DAY 7     Take a small boat from your hotel and cruise through the cataracts, watching exotic

               birds, visiting the islands of Elephantine (antiquities), or Kirshner's (botanical

               gardens). Overnight: Isis Pyramissa Island hotel

DAY 8     Move to your Nile cruise boat.  Lunch.  Visit the Philae temple and Nubian Village. 

               Overnight: Nile cruise boat

DAY 9     Cruise to Kom Ombu (Haoeris/Sobek temple), Edfu (Horus), and dock at Luxor.  Overnight cruise boat

DAY 10   Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut and Luxor temples, bazaar.  Galabiya party on board.  Overnight: cruise boat.

DAY 11   Disembark cruise boat.  See the Karnak complex and the Mut precinct.  Fly to Cairo.  Overnight: Cairo 5-star.

DAY 11   Egyptian Museum, Khan el-Khalili bazaar.  Overnight: Cairo hotel

DAY 12   Fly home.

OPTIONS:  Extra days in either Cairo, Luxor, or Aswan.

Off-road, deep desert safaris don't just include thrilling 4x4 off-road explorations and gorgeous landscapes.  Egypt's deserts along ancient caravan routes which were used back to the era of the pharaohs, many times include ancient fortresses, towns, tombs, and even early churches.  The ancient geology out in these areas is amazing: 600 year old Ammonite shells, "Kryptonite," which is green silica glass that fell from an ancient meteor and can't be found anywhere else in the world.  Even Tutankhamun was inspired by it as the central stone on his burial pectoral was from this silica area.  In addition, many times you can find Ascheulean or Oldowan tools from prehistoric cultures that lived in these deserts from 100,000 to almost 2 million years ago.  All of these tours can be easily combined with Nile or Lake Nasser based antiquities tours. All tours can be shortened or expanded.  Please contact us for more details.  Sand boards are available for those thrill-seeking guests.

Deep  Desert  Safaris