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WADI ES-SEBUA Located 140 km so Aswan rests a temple built by Ramesses II that was cut into the rock and preceded by a row of sphinxes.  There is a colossal statue of Ramesses II as well as many inscriptions.  It is a fascinating temple of which one part was used as an early Christian church.  Here the decoration is unusual because along with the Christian theme, much of the ancient Egyptian inscriptions still remain.  With these two unusual intermixing religions and cultures, on one wall it appears as if Ramesses II is making obeisance to St. Peter.

DAKKA  The temple of  Dakka was constructed by a Nubian pharaoh, added to by the Ptolemies, and finished by the Romans.  This temple was dedicated to Thoth and it has large pylons that you can climb and get a beautiful view of Lake Nasser.  Dakka was originally about 100 km south of Aswan but was moved to Wadi es-Sebua when Lake Nasser was filling with water.

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