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FRAZER TOMBS were built by the ancient Egyptians in the late Old Kingdom (ca. 2300 BC). Here you have a rare opportunity to view ancient tombs without having to share your experience with many other tourists.

EL QUSIYA: THE TOMBS OF MEIR. El-Qusiya (Cusae to the ancient Egyptians) was the capital of the 14th nome (an ancient governate) of Egypt.  This town functioned from the Old Kingdom to the Graeco-Roman period but little exists of it today. It does have a nice necropolis, with beautiful reliefs in the tomb/chapels of the nomarchs (govenors).

AKHMIN is a modern town near Sohag that has been built on top of the ancient Egyptian town called Ipu. Ipu, was the capital of the 9th ancient Egyptian nome, and has been occupied since prehistoric times. Records indicate that Ipu had a huge temple complex (larger than Karnak) dedicated to the fertility god, Min. The complex is now in ruins, and the church of Anu-Shenouda was built on top of it. However recent excavations have uncovered many interesting things, such as a statue of Queen Meritamun (daughter/consort to Ramesses II) that stands 11 meters tall, and several large statues of Ramesses II.  Also many talatat building blocks were found here that were from Akhenaten’s 18th dynasty reign.