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KELEBSHA Kalabisha was originally 50 km south of the High Dam.  The temple of Kalabsha was dedicated to Osiris and Isis, and the Egyptian/Nubian composite god, Horus-Mandulis.  Kalabsha was started in the Ptolemaic period and finished in the early Roman period.  It has an impressive causeway, colonnaded court and Hypostyle hall, along with many inscriptions of pharaohs, emperors, gods and goddesses.  It is the largest freestanding temple in Nubia; it has an inscription by Silko, a Nubian ruler, noting the rise of Christianity in the 6th c AD.

Qertassa was located 30 km south of the High Dam.  There was a small Roman kiosk here with Hathor columns that is now located at Kalabisha. 

Beit el-Wali was 50 km south of the High Dam, Here there was a nice Nubian temple built into the sandstone hill and built by Ramesses II.  This structure was dedicated to Amun and it celebrates Ramesses’ victories over various enemies. During the Christian era statues of Isis, Horus, Khnum, Satis, Anukis and lower Nubian deities were damaged, but the inside walls have still have well preserved brightly painted reliefs,