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LISHT just south of Dashur is the necropolis of Lisht, which contains 2 Middle Kingdom pyramids: Amenemhet I, and Senwosret I (1991 to 1926 BC).  Both of these pyramids are badly destroyed and it is a little difficult to access this site.

HAWARA. Amenemhet III’s pyramid  (ca. 1830 BC) at Hawara (south of Meidum) is the largest of the Middle Kingdom (mud brick) pyramids that were constructed in the 12th Dynasty.  Although its limestone casing was striped, this pyramid it is still a remarkable structure as it contains a complex system of secret passages.  It is believed that the Hawara pyramid is the mysterious “Labyrinth” that the 5th c BC Greek historian, Herodotus, mentioned during his travels in Egypt.
     In the Hawara complex there is also a queen’s pyramid, mortuary temple and a mastaba field filled with Middle Kingdom officials and nobles.  A Roman cemetery was also discovered here that contained the beautiful “Fayoum portraits.”

EL-LAHUN. Pharaoh Senwosret II (ca. 1890) from the 12th Dynasty built his pyramid here next to the modern day town, El-Lahun (or Illahun). This pyramid used to be encased in limestone, but now all that remains is the deteriorating mud brick core. The ruins of the valley temple were discovered but nothing has been found of the mortuary temple.  Although this pyramid was raided in ancient times, in this century a beautiful gold uraeus was found here, which is now in the Egyptian museum.