1.  Siwa Oasis and the White Desert

DAY 1:  Travel from Cairo to Bahariya in public or private transportation.  Lunch at the Bedouin Castle.  White Desert safari begins and includes: Aqabat Valley, Flower Desert, and the Old and New White Deserts.  Bedouin camping: White Desert

DAY 2:  Safari continues thru the White Desert to Bir Sirrw, parts of the Western Desert, Crystal Mountain, and the Black Desert.  Overnight: Bahariya Oasis: Bedouin Castle.

DAY 3:  Leave early from Bahariya and travel north along the ancient Caravan route to the Siwa Oasis.  Check out the ancient Berber town (1000 AD) called the "Shali" and do some shopping for unique Siwa/Berber crafts in the square next to the Shali.  Overnight: Siwa hotel.

DAY 4:Visit the famous Oracle temple of Amun.  Drive through Siwa's fabulous palm groves to Cleopatra's Bath, which is a large, stone lined, circular spring filled with bubbling clear water (bring your swim suits). Lunch at Fatna Springs, then visit the Gebel Mauwta (mountain filled with ancient Egyptian tombs).  Afternoon options include: 1/2 day Great Sand Sea safari, Berber spa treatments and sand baths, or tour across Siwa's great lake to the Red and White Mountains and a Greek/Egyptian temple that one archaeologist thought was the final resting place of Alexander the Great.  Overnight: Siwa hotel.

DAY 5:  Leave Siwa via Marsa Matrouh and choose one of two options: a) Overnight on the Mediterranean at the Beau Site hotel with its private beach, or b) return to Cairo with a stop at the al-Alamein WWII memorial.  NOTE: if you overnight at Marsa Matrouh, then on DAY 6, you will return to Cairo with a visit to the al-Alamein WWII museum and/or Deir el-Bishoi (4th c AD Coptic monastery).  St. Bishoi was so pious that he tied his beard to the ceiling so he could continue praying while he was asleep.

W E S T E R N   D E S E R T  S A F A R I S 

Bedouin Castle: hotel & safari

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The WESTERN DESERT of Egyptis one of the most starkly beautiful and geologically rich areas in the world, beginning with the time of the dinosaurs and through prehistoric human habitation, the ancient Egyptians, Bedouins, Berbers, Greeks, Romans, and early European explorers.  It's history is rich and full of a variety of human cultures, and its Oases were completley vital to desert travel from the heart of Africa to the Mediterranean Sea.

     We offer safaris to all parts of the Western Desert and, at no extra charge, we customize our trips to fit your needs.  Below are several sample programs and then a description of obscure, but fascinating areas.  If you are interested in booking a safari, feel free to let us know which areas interest you the most.



White Desert

         The "Swan"

Siwa Shali Berber Shopping

    Oracle temple complex, Siwa Palm Groves

Berber Siwa Shali Entrance

Monastery: Deir el-Bishoi

2.  Oases Loop: Cairo, Oases, Luxor

From 3 to 5 nights: Bahariya, White Desert, Farafra, Dakhla, Kharga, Luxor

From 4 nights: White Desert, Bahariya and Siwa Oases, Cairo

DAY 1:  Arrive in Bahariya in time for lunch at the Bedouin Castle.  Afternoon local tour of Bahariya sites: palm groves, Salty Lake, Pyramid Mt., English Mt.  Dinner and overnight at the Bedouin Castle.

DAY 2:  After breakfast antiquities tour of Bahariya includes: Golden Mummies Museum, Tombs of Bennentiu and Zed ef-Akh Amun, temple of Alexander the Great.  White Desert safari:  Black Desert, Crystal Mountain, Aqabat, Tent Valley, Old and New White Deserts.  Bedouin camping: White Desert.

DAY 3: Drive through Farafra to Dakhla through desert mirages of the Great Sand Sea.  Visit the temple of Deir el-Haggar, and the Bedouin 1000 yr old town, Qasr.  Overnight: Dakhla hotel.

DAY 4: Visit ancient Egyptian necropolis Balat (in Dakhla). Continue to Kharga Oasis. Visit the Hibis temple of Amun, Mut, and Khonsu.  Drive to Lebekha and visit Roman fortress and 4 rock-cut tombs.  Bedouin camping: Lebekha.

DAY 5: Return to Kharga Oasis and visit Bagawat (4th c AD Christian necropolis).  Switch jeep for microbus and go through Kuwait, Baghdad, and east at Paris to Luxor.  Overnight: Luxor hotel.


NILE VALLEY ANTIQUITIES:  You may decide to continue touring with us for several days in Luxor to visit: Karnak, Luxor temple, Valley of the Kings, Dendera, Hatshepsut' temple, and other West Bank antiquities sites.  Tour can continue by Nile cruise or microbus to either Luxor, or Marsa Alam (Red Sea) for beach time and diving.

EGYPT'S STONEHENGE:  Instead of continuing east to Luxor, you have the option of going south, off-road, to Nabta Playa where early Egyptian cultures lived since 9000 BC, finally building the world's first "Stonehenge" in about 6500 BC.


Qasr Dakhla

Ancient Bedouin Olive Oil Press


4th c Ad scenes from the Exodus


Roman fortress.