DAY 1:  White Desert safari: Black Desert, Crystal Mountain, Aqabat, Tent Valley, White Desert.  Bedouin camping: White Desert.  FB

DAY 2:  Off road thru the Western Desert, Al Ghanour (huge natural obelisk), Panoramic Point (incredible view), and off-road thru majestic steep white cliffs, with plenty of big sand dunes. Climb to Obeiyed cave and check out the prehistoric rock art.  Bedouin camping: Obeiyed cave.  FB

DAY 3:  Return via a different route thru the Western Desert on a exciting off-road adventure, amongst steep naval frigate-like chalk cliffs.  If we didn't see Crystal Mountain on Day 2, we will see it today.  Return to Bahariya and overnight at the Bedouin Castle. FB

DAY 1:  Lunch at the Bedouin Castle.  Afternoon Safari:  Black Desert, Aqabat, Flower Desert,

White Desert.  Bedouin camping: White Desert. FB

DAY 2:  Crystal Mountain, Black Desert.  Return to Bahariya and Overnight: Bedouin Castle. FB 

DAY 3:  Travel 1/2 way off-road to the Wadi Hittan.  Outdoor dinosaur museum.  Bedouin camping.

     OPTION DAY 2 or 3: : Bahariya antiquities tour, or Oasis local natural sites tour.

DAY 4:  Return to Cairo.  OPTION: Either the Meidum and Dashur pyramids, or the Giza pyramids.

OPTION B:  Wadi Hittan and the White Desert

OPTION C:  Obeiyed Cave and White Desert

OPTION A:  Djara Cave and the White Desert

DAY 1:  Leave from the Bahariya oasis traveling SE off road thru big sand dunes thru steep cliffs.

Bedouin camping in a prehistoric town site next to Djara Cave. FB. 

DAY 2:  Have fun exploring Djara Cave's stalactites, stalagmites, and pre-historic art.  Head west, off-road to "Watermelon Valley," (100s of basketball sized, heavy black geodes).  Go past the deep desert Acacia Grove to Aqabat.  Bedouin camping  FB.

DAY 3:  Off-road safari to Bir Sirrw, and the White Desert.  Lunch at Crystal Mountain, and drive thru the Black Desert. Return to Cairo, orOPTION: Overnight at the Bedouin Castle HB, return to Cairo on day 4.  Additional options: Oasis local tour, or Bahariya antiquities tour. 

Djara Cave        Stalactites and stalagmites

                          Wadi Hitan

                                                                Whale dinosaurs

Obeiyed Cave

                                                         Prehistoric Rock Art


   Phones: +2 0100 404 6240 (English)   +2 0127 051 6004 (Arabic)         Email: contact@bedouincastle.com   Skype: erinnell1

White Desert

Gorgeous pastel sunrises

White Desert

 Transportation choice:  jeeps, camels, or walking 

Abu Hawass

One of many tiny White Desert Oases.

White Desert

 Sunset against the Rock of Horus

White Desert

15 mt tall Chalk Inselbergs in fantasy shapes

Flower Desert

40 million year old seashells and coral

Crystal Mountain

Giant Mountain Geode filled with quartz crystal


 Large sand dunes in steep cliffs – Mountain  pyramids

Black Desert

Ancient Volcanos   –   Devil's Plateau


 W H I T E   D E S E R T   S A F A R I S

 WHITE DESERT safaris can be as quick as a day trip, to multiple days/nights in the, depending on your time limit. Sleeping options include either returning to the Bedouin Castle at night, or getting adventurous and pitching a Bedouin camp in the desert.  Sleeping in the desert is a classic experience – the absence of sound, the "other-worldliness" of the White Desert unusual chalk Inselbergs, and the thousands of stars overhead makes desert camping an experience to remember.

      PRICING:  Our prices differ depending on safari group size and start at $40 per person, per day.  Special rates for Egyptian nationals,                   foreigners with residence visas, and very large groups (up to 100).

     INCLUDED in quotes: 4x4 jeeps, experienced desert off-road drivers, sleeping bags, blankets, tents, mattresses, Bedouin wind breaks,     

                carpets, tables, all meals as indicated with coffee or tea, 1 large bottle of water per day, campfires, cooks, utensils, and cookware.

     AVAILABLE at extra charge: live music, shi shaw/tobacco, sodas, beer, extra water, transportation between Cairo and the Bahariya Oasis.

     NOT INCLUDED: personal items, flashlights, cameras, personal insurance.



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